Infants: 6 weeks to 1 year


Here at Kid’s University we pride ourselves in tackling the limits of infant care. Our highly skilled professionals are all trained to provide your babies with the upmost nurturing as well as educational attention. Our standards for developing cognitive, emotional, and physical intelligence are highly regarded to meet your child’s personal needs. The infant curriculum activities and lessons we possess are designed to stimulate the growth of each child. Among these activities include an inclusive and encouraging form of tummy time. We value your trust in us, and therefore provide all parents with informative individualized daily reports. Overall, we have found our purpose in assisting in the success of your child.



Freshmen: 1 year to 2 years

Throughout our experience and extensive training, we have come to understand the fundamental foundation of tangible learning with our one year olds. During these initial years, we enforce an encouraging approach to the individual social development of each child. This is provided throughout all-inclusive learning segments, such as circle time where the cultivation of colors, animal sounds, and basic anatomy is grasped. We value each child as an individual and administer various opportunities for them to grow and learn at their own pace and unique way. Furthermore, endless teacher-child interactions are expressed to each child for the development of character and emotional development. Kid’s University believes that the foundation of each child’s education emphasizes the future of their learning experiences, and takes great joy in creating this for your child.



Sophomores: 2 to 3 years


Our personalized curriculum is centralized around the idea that many crucial developments of knowledge take place at this age. We encourage these developments through hands-on interactive experiences, such as storytelling, word games, and various group activities. Our belief is that these experiences will catapult our students into a foundation for collegiate independence. Our comprehensive learning program for two year olds supports the development of language, communication, health, and social skills. Along with personal and intellectual advancement, we aim to create an academic foundation for the achievement of various milestones.



Juniors: 3 to 4 years


With the advancement of age, the development of confidence and self-esteem becomes more present. At Kid’s University, we take pride in acknowledging, as well as encouraging these forms of social independence. We believe that creating activities that will challenge and enforce problem-solving skills accelerate and prepare the mind for lifelong education. The nature of these self-reliant activities introduce the development of a variety of skills in areas such as mathematics, early literacy, creative arts, multi-language, and cooperative social skills. We strive to promote the collaboration of creativity within our students; thus, allowing them to understand uniqueness and importance within one another. The projection we portray unto this specific age group is that knowledge and education are fundamentals for much advancement in life. Our aim is that this kind of projection will develop a love for learning throughout their lives. 



Seniors/VPK: 4 to 5 years


During the time of prekindergarten, children commence to absorb what they have learned within the classroom, and begin to apply their new-found knowledge in their everyday lives. Because of this, our curriculum advocates the progress of decision making and preplanning. We believe that such activities will allow students to flow through a scholarly routine independently and self sufficiently. Our purpose for this specific age group is to provide an abundant supply of learning material, as well as overall confidence to propel them into their schooling years. We fulfill this by executing an in-depth focus on areas such as literacy, writing, math, science, geography, and much more. We take delight in the social and educational growth of your children and choose to express this joy within our day to day curriculum.