High Quality Early Childhood Programs


Kid’s University prides itself in creating the best academic atmosphere for each individual child. We bring forth many unique qualities that are designed to facilitate a love for learning within each student. Kid’s University is certified to uphold the care and education of children from the ages of six weeks old to eleven years old. We believe in incorporating a bilingual sequence in the curriculums of each age group. Our staff is equipped and educated to provide an encouraging educational experience within each classroom.


Each age group, in our school, is supplied with their own classroom and bathroom facilities. Our classrooms are individually designed for each age group to strengthen their concentration, as well as their eager devotion for their education.


Here at Kid’s University, the health of your child is one of our main concerns. Therefore, each student is provided with USDA certified meals, which are freshly prepped and cooked on campus daily by our own personal chef.


Kid’s University has proudly obtained the accreditation of two rewarding programs. The first being Apple Accreditation, which is a professional organization of providers, dedicated to insuring quality in the early learning industry through advocacy, education, and accreditation. The second being Quality Counts For Kids, which is a voluntary program that uses licensing standards as a foundation and sets a continuum of five, clearly defined, levels of increasing quality.




Kid's University celebrates and encourages the expansion of creativity and education on academic and emotional levels. 


Our vision is the improvement of education through means of diversity and motivation. Our curriculum inspires the transformation of the world’s love for learning and academic education.




I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything that you've done for my daughter and I. I'll forever be eternally grateful to you and everyone at Kid's University.  

— Juan Gomez